Thursday, August 21, 2014

The International Space Station

Not much exciting is happening here in Bleecker, New York.   Well, at least not with me out of commission.  But I can still take photos... but of what?  There are no dolphins here, nor any friggin' pelicans.  But we do have the international space station.

One nice thing about Bleecker and the Adirondacks in upstate New York is that there is very little light pollution.  It makes it great for night photography.

This is a composite of several photos, about 20 seconds worth, taken on Wednesday.   On Thursday, it was to fly overhead again.  Here you go...

The ISS was scheduled to fly over again last night.

Yep.  Those would be clouds and thunderstorms.  Sorry, no ISS.


  1. Have you used before? Plug in your location and they'll show you what will be floating over your head day or night.

    1. Hi Pete. No, I haven't. I get emails notifying me when the ISS will be flying over Bleecker. I forgot where I signed up for that, but it works well. I checked out the site you referenced. Very cool!

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