Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not Much New Here

I've been spending most of my time watching DVD movies, playing on the laptop, and recuperating from my neck surgery.

My recovery has been slow, but my doc says its OK.  I had a lot of work done on my neck, and things will take time to improve, if they get better at all.  My biggest concern is that my latest bout with my neck started with pain in my right arm, which required the surgery I had a month ago.   That's OK, but now my left arm is hurting as bad, if not worse, than my right did.  The doc says he thinks it will be OK, but to make sure he flicked the bone in his nose, sprinkled me with magic dust, and chanted.

My photographs are dwindling considerably, both in number and in quantity.  Especially since moving off the boat.  But here's a few, just to keep in practice.

Little Spooky, with a little bird.   I set it free.

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