Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Health Updates

I know that most of you are concerned about Chevy the Pit Bull.  He went to see his vet a few days ago, and his blood work showed that he's back to normal.  He's going to have to stay on his meds indefinitely, but his gums are pink and he's putting weight back on, back to 77 pounds.   The cause of his auto-immune disorder is still unknown, though.

As for me, I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday, and he said that I'm progressing nicely.  No more neck brace!  But he also said that I have to take things slow.  No driving Bessie the Tractor, no heavy lifting, and no washing dishes.  OK OK Pam, I made the last part up.

Sadly though, I still don't have use of my right arm, so there is no building anything this year.  Maybe next year.  But Pam and I have learned to roll with the punches, so where ever this takes us is where we will go.

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