Friday, August 29, 2014

Olivia the Hunting Dog

We bought Olivia when she was just a puppy.  We were living aboard our trawler in Savannah, Georgia and Pam was working as a vet tech.  The veterinarian was selling German Shorthaired  Pointers for a friend and  Olivia was the last of the litter.  No one wanted  her because she didn't have enough freckles.  Yep.  No, I don't know why hunters want freckles.  Maybe because it camouflages them?

Pam brought Olivia to our marina to shop here around.  As I expected, Olivia found a home.  With us.  She quickly grew from a little puppy to a massive Pointer.  Female Pointers should stand 23 to 24 inches at the shoulders.  Olivia is close to 30 inches.   Why so tall?  She learned to pull oysters off the pilings at the marina at low tide and eat them, shell and all.

The pic below was taken on the beach at Jekyll Island.  Oliva found a seagull feather and was in seventh heaven.  She was running past me at full gallop.  I'm lucky I got her in the frame at all.   Notice how gently she's holding the feather.   It is all in the genes.

I was on Google Earth the other day and I looked at our property.   They've updated the satellite photo so that it shows our cleared property.   The details are amazing.  You can see the foundation just to the right of the pin, our screenhouse just left and a bit lower, our storage trailer, and even the stone walls that I built.

Ah, the stone walls.

Olivia is a hunting dog.   That's what she does.  She constantly has her nose to the ground, sniffing for whatever she can find, and little will stop her from getting to it.  In the pic below, Oliva has destroyed part of a stone wall to get at mice.

Just look at the size of some of those rocks that she's moved.  Chevy, the male pitbull, looks on with interest.

So, I guess I'll be rebuilding stone walls as long as we have Oliva.

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  1. We know exactly what you mean about "hunting" dogs. Tucker and Willow, our Jack Russel Terriers, rest their souls, did exactly the same thing looking for mice and chipmunks in a wall that Bob had built! What fun!!!

    Bob & Lynda