Thursday, May 19, 2016

Speaking Of Sasquatch...

Crypto-Paracon was a real hoot.  It was lightly attended, party due to the unfortunate timing of a HUGE Bigfoot conference in Ohio on the same weekend.  I know of many people in New York who passed by Rome on their way.  But despite that, I had a ball.

My presentation went well, I thought.  I was worried about being able to fill my allotted one hour time slot,  but just as I finished, my one hour was up.   Made it.

It was good to see old friends, such as Steve Kulls (the Sasquatch detective) and make new ones.   I've always enjoyed these kinds of events.   If you ever get a chance to attend one, by all means do, even if you think that the subject of Sasquatch/UFOs/ghosts/psychics is bunk, I guarantee you'll have a good time.

Now that I've gotten my feet wet and was met with polite applause, I'm considering doing more public speaking.  I used to speak quite a bit when I was in business and president of our local business improvement district and, quite honestly, I miss doing it.  Especially to a receptive audience like those at Crypto-Paracon, folks who are open minded to everything weird.  Rusty and Karen, my very gracious New York hosts, visit Florida each winter, and Rusty said he'd like to arrange a conference down here.  I'll have to look into venues here in the Ocala area.

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