Monday, May 23, 2016

Northern Sasquatch Research Society

Bill Brann, Brian Gosselin, and Rusty Aldrich of the Northern Sasquatch Research Society visited our place in Bleecker to check out where Pam and I collected so much evidence.  Sadly, not much in the way of Sasquatch was seen, although our juvenile is still about.

Bill and Brian examine Sasquatch finger marks on the cabin window

Most of the tree bends and structures have fallen down...

But not the one I used for the book cover.   Still there to greet me like an old friend.


  1. Thanks for the Autographed copy Dave-- The book is a good read and I would recommend that your Blog followers get a copy..

  2. Dave, any thoughts on the tree that hit you before? It seems hard to believe that you cut a tree down and did not see another one leaning against it. Is it possible that was thrown at you?
    I enjoyed the book. Thanks

    1. Hey Vince. Well, last year Pamela asked me how far the nest was the tree I cut down. I said oh, maybe 60 or 70 feet. She then said that maybe I made a Sasquatch angry.

      The thing is, no one who looked at the tree that hit me can believe I was that unlucky to get hit smack square on the noggin. What are the odds?

      Something else I noticed just about a month ago... The tree that hit me wasn't on me when I woke up. It was off a ways. As if it had been moved. Think about that.

      Go to this link, and scroll down until you see the tree I cut, and the one laying on top of it that hit me. I was standing a good ten feet behind the one I cut in case it kicked. It looks to me like the one that hit me was moved off of me.