Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Sasquatch Professionals Step In

Awhile back, two professionals, Steve and Ted, came here from Albany to look around. Ted belongs to a Facebook Sasquatch group that I also belong to, and me being me and being very open, I often post things that Pam and I find. Ted messaged me and asked if he and Steve could come to look around. They did and were interested in what they saw. They came back Friday night, arriving a little after 8 PM. They packed on all their gear, and they and Pam spent a few hours “squatching”. I did not. I'm not observant to begin with, hard of hearing, and night blind. There would be no point.

I went to bed around 10. At 11, I was awakened by either Ted or Steve “whooping”, which is making a very loud ape-like vocalization. And then I heard it. An answering whoop. And then another. And then another. Our three dogs started barking, and then (so I was told because I couldn't hear due to all of the commotion in the cabin) the coyotes started howling.

The three hiked up to the top of our driveway. Steve was looking around with his heat-sensing equipment and saw something very large by our landing by the highway. Bear? It stood up and ran off. Steve would only say that it was very large.   They came back down the driveway to where their car was parked. They were discussing what they'd heard and seen when something knocked on our Kia parked by the cabin.

Steve and Ted were very impressed and pleased with what they'd seen and heard. Steve has two hours of recordings to analyze. They want to come back again, but with a full investigative team to our property and not the cabin.  That was the direction of the answering whoops. They'll camp there and spend the whole night. I'll stay home with the dogs and save the world on Facebook.

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