Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Starting On The Pump House

The pump house will be next to the well.  Temporarily, we will use a shallow well pump with a pipe stuck down into it 25 feet.  It seems to recover fast and hopefully will have no problem when we fill our 65 gallon water tank.  To that will be connected a 12 volt water pump to provide water to the RV, just like on a boat.

I ordered some lumber from our Amish lumber mill, and had some left over.   I decided  to get smart and put one inch spacers between the boards as I unloaded them from the trailer.  Being rough cut and green, they can be heavy.  Drying them out will make them much, much lighter.

The pump house is small, only 8 x 8, so this should go fast.  Except we decided to experiment with slip form walls and build a stone and concrete foundation for it.  This will be good practice for when we start on the house next year.

The cinder blocks and wooden supports are only temporary.  I leveled it, squared it, and then  later put two stakes at each corner with baling twine strung between to mark the outside edges.

I need to go to the Amish lumber mill and order a couple of dozen 2 x 4s and about 40 1 x 10s.  I'll layout a gable wall with a rafter so I can measure for the metal roof.

My plan is to put four inches of insulation in the floor,  walls, and ceiling.  I'll be able to heat this with a light bulb, or on really cold nights, a kerosene heater.  The insulation is also to act as sound insulation to quiet the generator that will live in there to power the  pump.

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