Monday, August 10, 2015

The Run-in Shed Is Close To Being Done

No, seriously.  Yeah, I know this has been a long, drawn out project, but I don't work in the rain, I don't work when I'm vomiting,  and I don't work during happy hour.

Earl and I got the roof on yesterday, a huge thing for me!

The roof is burgundy.  It looks blueish because the sky is reflecting on it.

Next, before Tuesday's rain, I'd like to get the hay loft doors on.

They'll be heavy, so my plan is to put up the boards and nail or screw them in place, one at a time, and then go on the inside and attach the bracing and hinges.  I can see myself getting someone to hike a door up the ladder and them dropping it.

After the doors, there is building interior ladders to the hay loft, some cleaning up of my messy carpentry work, and installing a solar panel and lights.  And then it is done.

Hey, at least the goats like it.

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