Friday, August 14, 2015

The Run-in Shed is 99% done

I finished the left hay loft door, and cut and screwed into place the right door.

I installed the hinges first.  Then I screwed a strip of wood above the lower right door and set each vertical board in place and screwed it in to the beam.   If it didn't rain, I would have cut and screwed in the door braces, a simple half hour job, and then unscrewed the door from the beam.

All that is left is the door braces, a bit of trim, and to grind off the sheet metal roof screws sticking through the nailers.  Then it is done.


  1. Ya-- I can't imagine how long it will take for you and Earle to build your small homestead house..
    How many months did it take to build the run in shed? Victory beers?

  2. Great job! Looks awesome! Go ahead and have a second Victory Beer!