Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Rabbit Hutch

I'm not a country boy.   I don't know squat about rabbits.  But I do know about mothers-in-law.  Mine, along with her sister, came home from garage saleing with two rabbits.  My job?  Build a rabbit hutch

It might seem like a simple job, but because you're dealing with 24 inch wide wire, you need to be accurate.  This is the bottom of the hutch in the pic below.   Yes.  That is my pool table being used as a work bench.  Hey, it is level.

The biggest problem I had was getting things square.  I should have gone to Fort McCoy hardware and bought a proper square, or bought one at Lowe's where I bought the 2x2s and wire... but no.  You followers from my Drift Away blog already know where this is headed.  I had a simple machinist's square.  That would do.   Not.

Thankfully, last year I bought a little table saw at a garage sale.  That worked pretty well for cutting the 2x2s square, and the braces at 45 degree angles.  It was handy in cutting the tops of the legs at 5 degrees to accommodate the plywood roof that I'm going to put on.  See, the back legs are 48 inches tall, and the front are 46, so that rain runs off.  Since I've totally forgotten my high school math, I used an online geometry program to calculate the angle.  If Miss Filer only knew about the internet in 1966, I wouldn't have had to learn geometry at all.

See that big lead hammer holding down the wire in the pic above.  Yep, all of you folks here from my Drift Away blog know what's coming.  I managed to drop it on my head.

Pam came home from shopping and bought the dogs a swimming pool.  It was 88 degrees here yesterday.

It was too hot in the RV to go inside, so I stayed in the garage, working on the rabbit hutch.  I finished everything except the roof.  And the partition for the middle.  Partition?  Yep.  It seems that Judi and Lynn didn't buy two female rabbits like they thought.   One of them has a kickstand, as found by Pamela.  Hence the urgency for a rabbit hutch with partition.


  1. Aaaaaaand the Ark continues to fill up.......

  2. Funny post & helpful pictures. You're a brave man to use your pool table as a workbench.
    While searching around I also found a video on how to create an awesome diy rabbit cage ... I just wanted to share it with you and your readers.
    Great post!

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