Friday, March 20, 2015

An Ormond Beach Day

Its been beautiful here in north Central Florida.  Sunny and upper 80s every day.  I usually bail out of the RV around 1 PM or so.  It gets too hot in there.  I'm usually in the garage for the rest of the afternoon doing physical therapy (shooting pool).

Today it was forecast to be partly cloudy and 89 degrees here, so we decided to drive over to Ormond Beach, about a hour and a half to the east.  When we arrived, it was beautiful.  And apparently it is spring break time because young people were everywhere.

About an hour later, a fog rolled in off the ocean.  A damp and cold fog.  Everything changed.  

Pam and Judi went from sunbathing to bundling up.

So, for all of my northern followers.... hey, things are tough all over.

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