Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Independence Day Sasquatch Video

90% of you do not believe in the existence of Sasquatch.  I was one of you until last year.  Since that time, from evidence Pam and I have found in both Bleecker and here in Florida, we've come full circle.

I thought that "Bigfoot" was a myth conjured up in the minds of drunks and crazy people.  Now, after spending many months obsessing over this, I've come to learn that there are over 10,000 reported sightings, over one million tracks cast, and many audio recordings of vocalizations.  But what is missing is clear evidence.   Notice I used the word evidence, and not proof.  The only proof would be a killed or captured Sasquatch.  People who have seen one, armed and ready to shoot, could not.  They appear more human-like than ape-like.

The best evidence to date was the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film.  The authenticity and veracity of that has been debated ad nauseum.  Many claim it was a man in an ape suit.  Several have claimed to be the person in the suit.  But no one has produced the suit, and modern computer technology and anthropological analysis of the creature's movements indicate that it was certainly no man in a suit.

Yesterday, I learned of another such film, dubbed the "Independence Day" Sasquatch video.  It was filmed on the 4th of July.  What year, I'm not sure.  It seems that whomever recorded it went underground.  I think perhaps 2011.   But what it is, is a female Sasquatch running to fetch her baby from behind a rock, and then running off with it.  

Analysis of this video by experts arrived at the same conclusion as the Patterson-Gimlin film.  While people could dress up in monkey suits and attempt to hoax this, the knee thrusts, which are the angles of the thighs and lower legs, are not the same of those as humans and next to impossible to hoax.  This is what separates possibly real video from hoaxes.

This is a fascinating subject for me, as you all can tell, I'm sure.

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