Sunday, March 15, 2015

the Caravan in Photos

Taken Friday, March 13th, at Grand Oaks Resort in Florida.  Friday was registration and orientation to the Caravan.

The rest of the photos were taken on Saturday.  This is the start of the caravan's last day.

Pam's newly painted trailer, complete with opening panels on the back door.

And she's off...

Look  at the size of this arena at Grand Oaks.   You can rent it for $650... an hour.

The finish line!
They'll be coming down that driveway waaay in the distance.

The folks filming the Caravan.   Look for it late this year.

Here they come!

They had a police escort.

The sheriff's mounted unit.

This little guy made the whole trip.  He  had to go twice as far.  :)

A service horse!

This big Friesian wonders what it is...

Time for the closing ceremonies.

Meet Mike Miur.  Mike has had MS since he was 15.  He made the entire trip using a wheelchair accessible wagon.

Bud and Weiser, the clydesdales.  Bud and Weiser... Budweiser.... get it?   

Gerard Paagman, one of the organizers.

Yes.  Gerard and his entire family wear wooden shoes.

Before the people ate, the horses were given a banquet of hay, apples, and pears.

All of the participants were given wooden shoes.

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