Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dressage Horses

Pamela works a few hours a week at the Perfect Landing Farm.   They breed and sell Dressage Horses.   Pam came home from working there and said she mentioned to Carolyn, one of the owners, that I enjoy photography.   Carolyn said she wasn't happy with the photos she has online of the horses she has for sale, and would I be interested in photographing them.  I know little about horses, and I know nothing about Dressage.   But being stupid about something never stopped me before, so I agree.

We went over on Thursday to shoot three horses, Rubee, Speedy, and Peanut.  It was a bright, sunny day.  I don't like shooting people or animals in bright sunlight for the most part.  The shadows are too harsh.  I decided to shoot under the cover of an open arena.  I asked Tom, the rider, to stay just on the edge of the shadow, using the reflected light to illuminate the horse.   This is the result.




Not too bad.  I was torn between artful photography and clearly showing the horse.  I chose the latter since the idea is to use these photographs on their website to sell the horses.  After processing 413 photos, I put a few dozen on a CD for Carolyn to review.  These are my own favorites.

Oh, if you're in the market for a Dressage horse, Rubee can be had for only $40,000.  The others are more.


  1. That was quite intuitive of you to use the edge of the shadow as you did. The back lighting on the first couple of images is lovely.

    Well done.

  2. Just for the hell of it I checked out Perfect Landing Farms Website-- They do not have any pictures of the Facility.. " Pics Coming Soon! "-- Sounds like a good project for you.. Maybe even make a few bucks..