Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Do I Do?

I'm sure that those of you who followed my Drift Away blog, and for whatever reason followed me over to this one, wonder what I do all day.

"Dave, you're a man of action!  Without bilges to clean or heads to rebuild, and what with you in Florida and not Bleecker, what do you do?"

I'm glad you asked.  Mainly, I surf Al Gore's interwebs and shoot pool.

"I get the interwebs.  But pool?"

Yep.  Pool.  When I was a kid, I had a pool table.  I used to shoot almost everyday.  By myself, with friends, it didn't matter.  Last year, our neighbor Denny asked Earl and I if we'd like a pool table.  He was given one and its been sitting on his porch for years.  Would we!  So we took it, assembled it, and shot a lot of pool last winter.  This year, without Earl, I'm back to shooting alone, or sometimes with Pam, who is a decent player.

Its in the middle of the garage, as you can see.

"But Dave, where are the victory beers?"

I set the temperature in the fridge so the beer has just a hint of slush.  Perfect!

The table is a regulation slate top.  The slate is in three  pieces, and Earl and I got them as level as we could, but it is not perfect.  The middle slate is off a hair.  But it is still a lot of fun.

What else do I do?  Well, I've taken some star photos down here, but it is not the same as light pollution free Bleecker.  Pam also enrolled me in an Ocala photography club that does field trips, so that will be fun too.  More blog fodder.


  1. Please close that fridge. You're offending my sensibilities. All that space and not a proper beer in sight. No wonder you have to chill it till it is slush. So you can bear to drink it.

    On the bright side, a field trip with a photog class could be fun!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I agree completely! This beer is crap! But I've decided that, due to my present circumstances, this is all I deserve. This and totally crap scotch, and wine from a box.

  2. Well, just so you know, a victory beer with a crap beer, isn't really a victory...

    On the other hand, there are some good wines in a box. A friend had a Hillbilly wine tasting party. (long story) He slipped some of his favorite box wine into one of the dead soldiers so it could get tasted with the others. It didn't win, but it took 3rd place!

  3. Dave,
    Are you limiting yourself to one hour per day on the computer yet? If not, we'll need to have another prescription written. Pam has the right idea -- creating a rouse to get your butt outside, away from the pool table and the computer!

  4. I nominate a name for the Pool Table. Johnny Five from Short Circuit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Circuit

  5. fyi Bob Mayo,

    Rouse = To wake (someone) up.
    Ruse = A crafty stratagem; a subterfuge

  6. Hay Dave-- I thought you and Earle built your own Pool Table?? Didn't you blog about it??

    Also-- What's Earle up to all by himself up on that old Mountain??
    Maybe sit'n around thinking to himself-- "I"m To Old For This Shit"..