Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dog Fight!

I was on Facebook today and I saw this.

As many of you know, Pam and I have two pitbulls and love them.  We also have a German Shorthaired Pointer who is usually a sweet dog, but she can also be ill tempered and has a short fuse.  We have to watch her.

We had our first dog fight this afternoon. Judi's (my mother-in-law) little dogs were in a screened in porch, and Olivia the insane German Shorthaired Pointer went up to the screen door. Benji, the alpha Yorkie, attacked the screen. Olivia, being nuts, attacked back. They couldn't get to each other, of course, because of the screen, but Ruby the overly protective female pitbull didn't know that, and went after Olivia. She pushed Olivia away from the screen. Olivia, being very mad, actually went after Ruby, and a HUGE dog fight broke out between them. We finally managed to get them apart. Ruby is full of dog bites from the pointer. Nose, head, ears. Olivia doesn't have a bite mark on her. Ruby wouldn't actually bite her. So, Dr. Laura, tell me again how vicious pitbulls are, and how they should be put down?
Afterwards, we had 80 pound Ruby in Judi's house after dinner and she played with a 3 pound Chihuahua.


  1. American Staffordshire Tarriers are the most loving dogs-- If treated rite..
    Post a picture of the Yorkie..

  2. Any dogs behavior around other people/dogs is mostly based on how it is raised by it's owner(s). Back in the 19th. century, almost every family had a pit bull that was raised with the kids... instant baby sitter / security system. They can be wonderful pets if raised correctly.