Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Matter of Perception

I needed a salt water fix yesterday.  I've been away from the ocean too long.  With nothing else special to do, Pam and I, and mother-in-law Judi, loaded ourselves into the Kia and drove a little over 60 miles to Ormand Beach on the Atlantic side of Florida, a little north of Daytona Beach.

We took route 40, which not only took us to Ormand Beach, but took us directly to the beach.  As in, route 40 ended at the ocean.  We drove from asphalt to sand.  Like Daytona, you can drive on the beach at Ormond.

Yeah, I totally forgot my camera.  I'll bring it next time.  But it was very cool, and we plan on returning to spend a day there very soon.  But funny... it wasn't busy at all, and Pam and Judi and I wondered why?  It was a gorgeous day, in the low 70s and sunny, although the water was cool.  And then I looked at the license plates of all the cars there.  New York, Massachusetts, Michigan...  snow birds.  To us, this was heaven.  To Florida residents, this was winter.

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  1. Bitterly cold, today... we had to turn the heat on, so the house temp wouldn't drop below 70...

    Life is so hard.

    But, you should have come here, Saturday. The boy and I went fishing on what was a perfect day! Nice.