Saturday, December 13, 2014

Riding The Beach

Pam loaded Jeremiah the Horse (GS Jeremiah has his own Facebook page) to friend Debbie's Cheers Horse Ranch in Yulee, Florida.  Debbie takes people riding on Amelia Island's beach for paying customers, but on last Wednesday and Thursday it was just Pam and Deb.

I stayed behind with the critters, so the following video and photos were taken by Deb and Pam.

 If you'd like to ride horses on the beach,  call Debbie at Cheers Horse Ranch at (904) 277-7047 or her cell at 753-1701.  Pam said it was great fun and they intend to do it again soon.

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  1. Dave- the next time Pam goes to Amelia Island you need to go with her. Beth's mom lives there - so we have been many times. you MUST take Pam to the Pecan Roll Bakery. After you have their pecan rolls, you will be spoiled for any one else's. They have some other really good treats too - like bacon and egg filled corn muffins- how do they do that? And coffee too.