Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting Annoyed With Sasquatch

It was 5:35 AM.  Pamela came running upstairs to the bedroom to tell me that she found another Sasquatch hand print on the back of our car.  This, after a Sasquatch trashed a group of trees next to our cabin door.

"David!  Get up!  We have a Sasquatch outside!"

So I groggily got up, put on pants, and teetered down the stairs.  I slipped on sneakers and followed Pam outside.

Pam's mouth was agape.

"I saw him!  He ducked down behind the trees!"

I didn't see him, but I knew I was getting pretty pissed off.  What an unGodly hour.

So I took this pic of the hand print on the back of our car.   It is very small.  Smaller than Pam's hand, so it is a juvenile.

If  you look closely, you can see the faint signs of coarse dermal ridges at the base of the palm.  Not as clear as this adult print I took last year.

These damn Sasquatch kids need to stay off of my lawn.

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