Saturday, May 9, 2015

Generators and Rocks

Yesterday was a work day on the property.  We had errands to run off the mountain and didn't get there until 1 PM or so.

While I was messing with the generators, Pam took a pitch fork to her garden.  When I tilled it with the rototiller, I hit a lot of rocks.

I decided to take the gas tank off the non-functioning 4 kw generator, and put it on the little 2 kw.

I jury rigged the tank, and fired it up.  As you can see, it is generating.  At least we have something for power besides the small solar panel bank.

Meanwhile, Pam was struggling with rocks.  The ones on the right, covered in dirt, are the ones she dug out.

But she needed help with the two below.   Particularly the one in the foreground.  That was too large to lift or pry out of the ground, so I fetched Bessie the tractor.   Pam was able to pry it up just enough where I could nail it with the manure bucket, lifting it a bit.  Our friend Bill got a chain around it, and I dragged it out.

And to think that a few years ago, I thought it would be cool to grow Adirondack Blue potatoes.


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  2. Maybe try this too?

  3. What happened to the Hay Bail Garden? Ain't no rocks in Hay Bails.. Maybe try both this season and see what happens?