Thursday, February 12, 2015

Men in Monkey Suits

Until I found this hand print on the back of my car...

I was skeptical off anyone reporting seeing a Sasquatch.  I thought they were crazy, drunk, or misidentifying what they were seeing.   Now, after considerable studying of the subject, reading Dr. Meldrum's analysis of this North American ape, and a casebook with thousands of reports dating back to the 1700s, I have come full circle and  I'm convinced that they exist.

Like deer during hunting season, they think of humans as a threat and are very elusive.  They live where there is considerable forest for cover, such as the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and the Pacific Northwest.   So while you may find evidence such as hand prints and foot prints, getting a photograph or video of one is rare.  The following is what some consider to the be the best recent footage thanks to everyone having smart phones.

Many in the Sasquatch community think the last clip of a Sasquatch grabbing a dog is a hoax.  I do not.  My three dogs watched me put on a gorilla mask from a Halloween costume and went nuts, barking their heads off.  I think that dog was paralyzed with fear.


  1. David, I don't doubt your personal evidence at all. Or your enthusiasm. But the dog one was faked.

    A. Check out the lead on the dog. Where was it and why was it the way it was? I don't buy it, just based on seeing the lead and how it did not affect the taking of the dog.
    B. The "creature" looked into the lens of the camera. It had no reason to turn it's head as far as it did to look at the camera. Except to show us its face and teeth. Remember, the camera is silent and not moving. Nothing to draw the creature's attention.
    C. No Hackles. The dog knew and trusted its abductor. It didn't want to be picked up, but it did know its abductor. In fact, it got up and went toward its abductor with a submissive posture.

    You know dogs well enough to know I am right.

  2. OhKay-- Enough of Sasquatch's.. Time to get your head wrapped around some thing that is really there in front of you and you can actually touch and see.. Ferguson Tractor maybe?? You did just get one for free all in pieces-- Didn't you??

    It is your Blog and you will Blog what you want-- Nothing wrong with that.. It's always a good read..

  3. Good Point, HRB. In 1986, I built an Austin Healy 3000 replica from a kit in six weeks.

    Why isn't that tractor moving dirt, yet?

  4. I gave the tractor to a neighbor. He and his buddies are all retired and spend just about everyday restoring and rebuilding old cars and trucks. They have all the tools, including sand blasting equipment and a big air compressor. I figured it would be in better hands there.