Sunday, December 30, 2012

Natural Wood Railings and Ruby

I saw a photo of a natural wood railing posted on Facebook today by Wholesale Log Homes.  Although we don't intend to build a log home, they post many great ideas applicable to what we want our place to look like, like these...

I think that's absolutely beautiful.  They're made by a company called Mountain Laurel Handrail.

They're woven mountain laurel, but there's no reason I couldn't make my own railings using our own trees as a resource.  One downside of building railings using branches is that our dogs LOVE to chew up sticks, especially Ruby.

Meet Ruby.

Ruby might look at a rustic wood railing like a toybox.

If she can't find a stick, she'll play with what's handy.

No, I don't know why she thinks a five gallon bucket would make a good toy.  She's a dog.

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