Monday, December 17, 2012

Making Progress Already

The ten acres of land that Pam and I bought in Bleecker was purchased some time back by Ed, a friend of my in-laws, who intended to move there.   Ed and Earl (my father-in-law) worked on putting in a long driveway (or short road, depending on how you look at it).  Ed later became ill, and besides dragging a mobile home in there and parking some construction equipment, nothing else was done.

Pam and I had to drive to New York from Georgia, where we presently live on our boat, for my daughter's wedding.  While there, we went to the Fulton County sheriff's office to get assigned a mailing and 911 address.  We then went to the county  highway department to arrange to have a guardrail cut so we could access the driveway.  We tied a bright green ribbon on the rail so they could find it.

Looking from the bend in the driveway to the road.

Looking from about where the house will go up to the bend in the driveway.

The land comes complete with a rusty dump truck and a broken bulldozer.

Most of those woods will be cut, all except for a couple of dozen that I marked with green ribbons.

Oh, while I think of it, see that fallen in old mobile home?  That's free for the taking.  I understand that there's some money to be made from the scrap metal in it, and that the undercarriage frame can be used to make utility and flatbed trailers.  The only condition is that you have to remove ALL of it.

- Dave

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  1. Congrats and best of luck on your new project. I'm looking forward to reading future postings. I've subscribed on my blog reader.