Monday, December 24, 2012

Internet Access

Our building site in Bleecker, New York has no cable TV, no DSL, and no cell service available.  This is a problem for us.  We don't care too much about television, but we do care about internet access.  We're both internet junkies.  We blog, we Facebook, we post on message boards, and we research things like internet access in remote rural areas.

When I was in the computer business, satellite was a good option for rural areas.  Back then, download was via satellite and upload was via telephone lines, a decidedly inferior method for large files (I upload a lot of photographs to Flickr and other sites).

It looks like Hughesnet offers satellite internet service that is both download and upload.  I know this blog is new and only has a few followers, but do any of you have any experience with Hughesnet or any other satellite internet service provider?  Maybe a relative or friend?  I'm curious about the quality of the service and its speed.

We have a Verizon 4G hotspot on the boat that we like, but that gets zero bars in Bleecker.  A ham radio friend has a method of shooting an antenna high up into a tree, so we might try that to see if we can get a signal, but I'm not too hopeful.  The closest cell antenna is in Northville, 22 miles away, and there's a mountain between us and it.


  1. I've heard the Exede satellite service ( is best, but haven't seen it in action.

    I would be happy to come out with my pneumatic antenna launcher should I ever get the call.

    Keep the faith... there has to be a way!

    1. The price is right! $50 a month regular price for 10 GBs is less than the $80 I pay now for Verizon 4G. $55 regular price for Direct TV is also a pretty good deal.

      Now I just need to figure out telephone. Maybe people can just Skype us.

  2. If you can get line of site to a cell tower ( by going higher with your antenna ) you can use a beam antenna and aim it at the cell tower.

    Or you could bore a hole thru the mountain. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  3. How about broadband wireless internet??? good up/download speeds, but does require line of sight. I live in rural Ontario Canada and it is less expensive and more reliable than satellite.

  4. Hey Dave,
    Would a magic jack system work? Not sure if that is helpful but it's cheap and works.

  5. Broadband internet/cable and dsl phone lines stop several miles short of where we plan to build. And due to the very sparse population, they have no plans of continuing their lines at this time. Both a curse and a godsend. Means we should have no neighbors for a long time, but means we have no easy access to the outside world..... :)