Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Portrait Photography

As those of you who know me, even only from this blog, you know I am passionate about some things.  Those things morph over time.  Topics like politics and Sasquatch ebb and flow as time passes, but one thing that seems to stick is photography.

If you peruse this blog or my prior blog, Drift Away, you'll find plenty of photos.  If you have my book, Living Among Sasquatch:  a Primer, you'll see that it is chock full of photos. I love photography and always have.

To me, for photography to work and be more than just snapshots, you need two things.  You need an interesting subject, and you need proper lighting.  Lately, I've been messing with portrait photos.  I've always hesitated to shoot portraits, but since I also specialize in candid photos and not posed photos, it wasn't too big of a leap for me.  Here are some of my latest.


Glen, AKA "Poor Boy".




I'm finding that portraits can be fun.  With the exception of Rodney though, none of the subjects knew they were being photographed.  And to me, that makes it more fun.


  1. Finally figured out it was cookies keeping me from posting comments. D'oh. I don't know what changed, but suddenly it wasn't working.

    So, let's catch up... Regarding Pam's new ride. That doesn't look much like a horse.

    Regarding the Horse show posting. I'd have had a lot more pictures like that first one if it were me shooting. but, that's just me...

    Your shot of Glenn is the best. The back lit hair frames the subject perfectly, while still having a fully exposed face, in shadow. Nicely done.

  2. Knock, Knock, Anyone there? Hope everything is ok and your just taking a break.... we miss you guys!!!!!

    1. Hey Bud, no, everything is mostly OK. I just hate blogs about what someone ate for lunch. The Drift Away blog was easy, this blog is more difficult to keep updated. I'll post about what's happening soon.

    2. I fully understand. BUT you guys did miss out on a Springtime ice/rain/sleet weather event this week... bet you feel bad about that though.....not!