Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dreaming of Bleecker

Thorp, one of our followers, asked if I'd get off the dime and write something about our plans for our Bleecker homestead.  Being here in Georgia, many hundreds of miles away from upstate New York, there's not much we can actually do but read about things we need to learn, like how to build a house, and dream.

Pam and I enjoy sitting on the aft deck of our boat (which is for sale!) to enjoy the sunset and a glass or two from a fine box of wine.  We often talk about our plans for our little homestead and what we envision for it.

First, we have to build the house.   We want it to look rustic, with natural rough cut wood siding, plank floors, pine paneling, and so on.  Our main source of heat will be wood.

Next to be built will be a barn.  Pam would like to have a couple of horses.  She's also been reading about raising bees and chickens.  There may be a few other critters as well, perhaps a goat or two, maybe a few sheep.  I think having a few llamas would be fun.

My daughter, Becky, goes to Gore Mountain with friends every year, and one of the stops she makes is someplace that has llamas.  I wonder how they see?


  1. Dave, if you're thinking Lamas you'd better check the prices first. My buddy's son raises them, he sell then for 30 to 40 grand each.

    Pygmy goats... Think dog food, one of my customer has 4000 and makes a real killing when it's market time...

  2. that's an alpaca, dad! Like a llama, but different!

  3. That's an alpaca, dad! They're similar, but different. I know where you can but a nice alpaca farm. Them you wouldn't have to do will that work building...

    1. Alpaca, llama, donkey, mule, kitty, skunk...