Friday, February 8, 2013

Company Is Like Fish

Company is like fish.  After three days, it stinks.  Old saying.

We need to figure out where we're going to live until our little house is built in Bleecker.  We could stay with Pam's folks, but see old saying above.

We could rent an apartment, but with three large dogs, that would be difficult, even for Fulton County NY.

We could buy a travel trailer and live in that.  We'd have it to use for vacations once the house is done.

We could buy a used mobile home, deliver it up to the land, and live in that until the house was done, and then sell it.  But the cost to deliver and set up a mobile home can run in the thousands.  Still, it would be more comfortable than a travel trailer.

The way I used to plan the programming of large computer systems was to itemize every program, every menu, and every minute step needed for completion.   Carefully estimate the time to complete each.  Then double it.  What if it takes me two years or longer to build the house and get the certificate of occupancy?

Any other ideas?  Get the basement done quick and become "cellar dwellers"?


  1. take Drift Away as far up the hudson as you can and commute from there


  2. We are facing the same conundrum. Once we sell the house in Massachusetts and move south. We are thinking to purchase a Tagalog so we can return to New England for the summers. Cheaper and easier than moving a 44 foot boat back and forth.