Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dawn, and the Old Goat Fence and Deck Company

My buddy Gib was telling me about a side job he got to repair an acquaintance's horse fence.  Since Gib does so many things for Pam and I, I offered to give him a hand, gratis.   We finished that job, and were referred to another, one in which I would be paid, as well as our friend Hank.

We were to start on a certain week.  Luckily, I had just gotten out of the hospital, but Hank we in.  We had to postpone for a week.  Not an auspicious start.

It was the dawn of a new day (I love that cliche').

This is the ranch, here in Florida.

We were working and Gib said "I have a name for our business.  The Old Goat Fence Company".

I added a motto.  "If we ain't in the hospital, we show up!"

Well, the owner seemed pleased with his fence and asked us about building a deck.  We are now "The Old Goat Fence and Deck Company".   Same motto.  We not be the fastest workers, but we're diligent.  This is our mascot.

We only work from 7 to noon.  After  that, it is simply too hot.  We also take a couple of breaks to cool down.  Hey, if we wind up in the hospital, we ain't workin'.  

The current project...

Not bad for guys in their 60s.  And the exercise is great.  I've never enjoyed gyms, so this is perfect.

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