Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cedar Key, Florida

Why a post about a place in Florida on a blog called "Bleecker Mountain Life"?  Well, many people get the hell out of dodge come winter up there, and we all have to go somewhere.  So you can think of this as a sort of public service announcement.

Cedar Key is on the Gulf side of Florida, roughly due east of Ocala.   There was a fine arts festival going on that Pamela wanted to go to.  I tried everything, honestly I did, including a heart attack to keep from going.

Ah... salt water!

Yep.  Here it is.

But this was very cool.

A friggin' pelican.

Another friggin' pelican.

Another friggin' pelican.

You get the idea.

Cool light.

Two women came by walking two goats on leashes.  Really.

Cool shirt.  Nope, I don't know what that is by her butt.

This area truly is the horse capital of the country.

Cruisin' in the Miata.

Check out the size of this rig and trailer!

A selfie taken in the reflection of the bit rig.

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