Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Futile Attempts To Fence Goats

Amos and Andy are escape artists.  Fence them in with electric fence and they go right through it.  Add chicken wire and they go right under it.  Now, Pam and I are adding stone walls to the bottom of the fence to keep them from going through, but in the meantime, they're eating our apple trees and gardens.  I put chicken wire around the apple trees but the goats scoffed at this and went right over it.  So today, we hied ourselves to Tractor Supply and bought 48" high fencing to keep them out.

In between thunderstorms we did the vegetable garden.  Yep, I know what you're thinking, but the door was not store bought.  I made it myself.

Pam fencing the apple trees, which the goats seem to favor.

 Hopefully, the fencing will keep the goats off the trees.

Our goats remind me of my high school Latin teacher, Tibor Boranski, who hailed from Russian-invaded Hungary.  He would often say "I love you, but I shoot you."  That is how I feel about our goats, Amos and Andy.

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