Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting Ready

We're living aboard our trawler, Drift Away, down here  in Brunswick Georgia.  It's on the market, but if it doesn't sell by the end of April, it's going on the hard for the summer in Florida.   We'll rent a U-haul and drag many of our belongings up to Bleecker to begin the process of building our little farmstead over the next few months.

Notice that I said "begin".   We've decided to take our time here and do it right.  The change came about when we found a nice place to rent just down the road from our land in Bleecker.  Some nice folks in Long Island own it and don't use it much and agreed to rent it to us for a very reasonable price, for which we're grateful.  With the pressure off, and if the boat is unsold, we'll take our time, get as much done as we can, and return to our boat next winter and cruise south.

The first thing we're going to build is a mouse proof shed to store our stuff.  Right now, we have two storage units, one in Georgia and one in New York.  We'll consolidate both into our own shed, saving us $200 a month in storage fees.

We'd like to get the house plan finalized, the foundation, well, and septic installed, and the house framed and enclosed.  That would be a good first year's goal.   In 2014, we'd finish the house and then start the small barn and gardens.  If the boat sells, we stay in Bleecker full time, including the w-w-w-w-winter.  If not, it's back to Florida and the boat.

The Good Lord willin' an' the creek don't rise.

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